At Acuity Wealth ManagementLLC, our mission is simple: to provide personalized investment advice, life coaching and planning, that minimizes our clients’ financial concerns and maximizes their security and wellbeing.  Science tells us that the universe is made up of matter and energy.  We focus energy on what matters to you.

We understand that every client has individual needs. Our role is to help clients make smart, well informed decisions about their investments while ensuring greater independence, peace-of-mind and security.

Our investment strategy greatly increases our clients' chances of success by increasing returns while lowering volatility. Our clients look to us to preserve their capital and provide real growth in their portfolios after taxes and inflation. They have worked hard for their money, and look to us to guide them toward financial security and independence.

When you work with us, we offer the resources to coordinate all of your financial needs. We have developed strategic alliances with key professionals who can handle estate planning, taxes, trusts, and other financial needs. We believe that the synergy created by professionals working together makes our team approach more efficient than working with any one of us individually.

Our approach is different; we are a “Fee Only Firm”. We have found that the out-of-date commission system is an obstacle to conscientious advisors because it stresses transactions, which may not always be in our clients best interest. Our fees only increase when your portfolio grows. To stay focused on our commitment we work only with a limited number of successful families.